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Energy Conversation

Energy Management Systems


As a provider in our industry we recognize that we have a direct impact on energy efficiency, and therefore on our environment.  Our vision requires that we raise the energy conservation bar for ourselves and work with our customers to help them do the same.   


Areas Of Savings



  • Perform scheduled maintenance on units, especially keeping evaporator coils clean and free of ice build-up.
  • Adjust door latches, replace worn door gaskets, install autoclosers, and add strip curtains to walkin doors.
  • Use night covers on both vertical and horizontal display cases.
  • Disconnect anti-condensate heaters.
  • Keep refrigerators full (water jugs make good fillers).


  • Retrofit T12 lights with magnetic ballasts to T8 lights with electronic ballasts.
  • Replace incandescent light lamps with compact fluorescent lamps.
  • Consider removing excess fluorescent lights and installing reflectors. Lighter colored walls need less light.
  • Install motion detectors to control lighting in frequently unoccupied areas, such as restrooms.
  • Retrofit incandescent or fluorescent exit signs with long-lasting, low-energy LED exit signs.
  • Clean dusty diffusers and lamps every 6-12 months for improved lumen output.


  • Set thermostats at 78 degrees F for cooling in the summer and 68 degrees F for heating in the winter.
  • Install electronic time clocks or setback-programmable thermostats to maximize efficiency.
  • Install locking covers on your thermostats to prevent employee tampering with temperature settings.
  • Regularly clean condenser coils, replace air filters, and check ducts and pipe insulation for damage.
  • Consider installing an air conditioning economizer to bring in outside air when cool outside.
  • Consider replacing old HVAC systems with new energy-efficient systems.
  • Install ceiling fans.
  • Install blinds or solar screen shades. Use reflective window film or awnings on all south-facing windows.
  • Install ceiling and wall insulation.
  • Insulate water heaters and supply pipes.