Cen Cal Refrigeration


Preventitive Maintenance Program


Refrigeration and HVAC systems are a costly, but necessary, part of any building's operation.  Keep your expensive equipment running longer and more efficiently with our Preventative Maintenance Program.  Reduce energy costs, protect your valuable merchandise, and keep customers and employees comfortable throughout the year.  Resulting  energy savings generally offset the reasonable fees charged by Cen-Cal for this program! 



Refrigeration and HVAC represent your biggest energy cost.  One third of energy usage is in heating and cooling buildings!  The CEE found that up to 50% more energy could be saved with proper installation, sizing, and maintenance of commercial refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

           Improvement                                             Energy Savings

           Adjusting operating sequence                                    25-35%

           Cleaning Coils                                                            5-15%

           Replacing dirty air filters                                          10-15%

           Removing condenser coil scale                                 25-30%

           Cleaning burner assembly                                              15%

           Eliminating fan belt slippage                                     15-20%

The Maintenance Program Includes


• Clean evaporator coil
• Clean condenser coil
• Check condenser fan motor
• Check condenser fan blade for vibration
• Check noise and vibration levels
• Check return air filters and replace each time
• Check condensate drain
• Check condensate pan and fittings for leaks
• Check reversing valve (heat pumps only)
• Check heat exchanger
• Check blower wheel
• Check blower motor
• Lube motors and bearings
• Check and secure all panels
• Examine parts for visible wear
• Check defrost assembly (heat pumps only)
• Check thermostat
• Examine electrical connections
• Check all controls
• Check all safety devices
• Check capacitors
• Check relays and contractors
• Check crankcase heater
• Check for proper electrical use; voltage, amp draw, etc.
• Check unit disconnect
• Start unit
• Check refrigerant pressures
• Adjust belts, pulleys, mounts, assemblies and alignment
• Check heating system for correct operation
• Replace belts if necessary (not in fee)


• Check unit temperature
• Inspect and clean condenser coil

• Check condenser fans
• Lubricate motors and bearings
• Check refrigerant
• Check equipment for operation problems
• Inspect evaporator, fans and fan guards
• Check to insure proper drainage
• Blow out condensate lines on coils
• Inspect drain line heaters
• Check/adjust defrost heaters & timers
• Check all electrical components and connections
• Check for any unusual noises, vibrations, or rubbing
• Check doors, hinges, gaskets, springs
• Check oil level and condition of oil
• Check for oil leaks
• Check refrigerant charge condition
• Check for unusual noise and vibration
• Check refrigeration compressor
• Check operation of safety and low pressure cut-outs


• Inspect fan, pulleys and belts
• Check for vibration and proper alignment
• Check blower mounting and tighten if necessary
• Check shaft alignment to motor
• Check blower pulley for security to shaft
• Check blower belt for condition and tension
• Clean dust and excess grease off motor and bearings
• Oil or grease blower bearing
• Check blower scroll for dirt and clean.
• Check housing